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Week 5 | Around the world, around the world

International Travel. It’s the tricky issue that countries often like to brush over, with international freight carbon emissions almost always passed on as Somebody Else’s Responsibility. It was also one of the focuses of a recent BBC programme, featuring Greta Thunberg as she travelled the world to highlight the connections between wildfires, glacier melt, collapsing…

Week 4 | Some Things We Throw Away

I am Late! Forgive me, I have been trying to move house! Week 4 work saw me starting to go back through my bookshelf, and I found this book: The Toaster Project by Thomas Thwaites. The starting point of the book is that artist Thomas Thwaites tries to make a toaster from scratch. At the…

Green Nevis Week 3 | Frustration in procrastination

This has been a fairly difficult one to write. To understand and appreciate the value in the actions that could improve the health of the species that live on this planet, making us more resilient and happier, we need to understand a few things. Firstly, the necessity. I hope we have that one down. Secondly,…

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