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Isaac Boothman (they/he)

Hi! I’m a musician, writer and arts producer, living in Birmingham and coming from West Yorkshire. I want to make compelling art happen in communities on their terms, and I use my experience to do so – with everything from spreadsheets to access support, from poetry to podcasting, and from dodgy pianos to compromised composing.

Keen to make art and culture meaningful and accessible for all communities, across lives and locations, I draw off of work with theatre companies, street orchestras, open mics and production companies, making art where we are.

Photo of Isaac reading from a poetry book at an open mic, smiling
At Tell It To The Music, June 2022 | Photograph by Ethan Hurford

If you’re interested, and want to find some of my work, then you can head to the relevant music, writing or producing pages. If you’d like to hear more about any goings-on or relevant thoughts, you can sign up to the mailing list below to hear of news or musings first-hand, or read through now at your own leisure.

Would you like to stay in touch? You can find me on Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin, as well as some of my Work-In-Progress over at my blog bits-of-bobs. If you’d like to get in touch personally, you can do do by emailing me at porrittboothman@gmail.com.

I hope you see something you like here, and look after yourselves.

– Isaac

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