Three Ambient Moods

‘Three Ambient Moods’ is a harmonisation of a melody, disguised, passed through and welcomed into the texture. It is a short piece, roughly 2 and a half minutes long, written for the personel of a composition workshop – Flute, Alto Saxophone, Bassoon, Violin, Vibrophone, Baritone and Piano.

The piece hints at something bright and unstable replaced by fear and dread, before settling into something sad but complete.

These words were written to the melody:

‘When you forget all you had
And you can’t fin all you might be…
Well can you hear them? Breathing
down by your spine, Grasping
for your hand? (those lonely hands;
with the bones resting near, very near)
And inside you can feel a fissure,
Heartbeats breaking cracking,
Just like splintered glass –
Then you are broken,
Then you are broken.

You can find a draft score here, and you can e-mail me if you would like to hear a midi rendering, although I do reserve all rights with this piece.

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