The Same Boat No. 2: you can meander on your own terms

‘The Same Boat No. 2: you can meander on your own terms’ is a companion piece to ‘The Same Boat’, written for Helen Cordina as a part of UoBMS’s Creative Exchange.

It takes kaleidoscopic difference as its reason to exist, and is something like a leadsheet – the piece is free performer to define and arrange to their surroundings and ability, meaning at best I am co-composer for this work, and this piece should be able to be adapted to many circumstances. I wrote it hoping to deliberately recognise the work performers have in making music real and powerful, giving them a little more credit.

Given this approach, it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to charge; so this piece is free to perform and re-arrange. I would love to hear what you do with it, so please get in touch!

This is an ensemble I’ve been heavily involved with and well worth any support (and watching everyone’s compositions!)
‘The Same Boat No. 2’ begins the video.
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