Green Nevis Week 1 | Houses, Homes and Streets

Well, its a wondering and a wandering start for these first seven policies, aims and musings for #100DaysOfGreenNevis. Wandering: I’ve been going on longer walks than usual – through the meadows and fields that join the old villages of Wakefield (my home city), treading the footpaths between the plentiful new, luxury suburbs and the now-unaffordableContinue reading “Green Nevis Week 1 | Houses, Homes and Streets”


Well, Happy New Year! It’s not like it’s January anymore, or even very happy, but what can you do? One thing that does belong to a New Year, though, is new themes – and writing is one of mine. Nevis Ensemble, the orchestra I play with, has a new campaign out: 100 Days of GreenContinue reading “#100DaysOfGreenNevis”