Week 5 | Around the world, around the world

International Travel. It’s the tricky issue that countries often like to brush over, with international freight carbon emissions almost always passed on as Somebody Else’s Responsibility. It was also one of the focuses of a recent BBC programme, featuring Greta Thunberg as she travelled the world to highlight the connections between wildfires, glacier melt, collapsingContinue reading “Week 5 | Around the world, around the world”

Green Nevis Week 3 | Frustration in procrastination

This has been a fairly difficult one to write. To understand and appreciate the value in the actions that could improve the health of the species that live on this planet, making us more resilient and happier, we need to understand a few things. Firstly, the necessity. I hope we have that one down. Secondly,Continue reading “Green Nevis Week 3 | Frustration in procrastination”

Green Nevis Week 2 | Peppers, Potatoes and Food Sovereignty

Of all the routines I’ve been trying to get myself through this lockdown and pandemic, cooking (and eating!) is one that I’ve actually enjoyed – it’s the seasoning, the making, and the transforming of food from one shape to another that has been so fun, or at least fun enough to keep going. When you’reContinue reading “Green Nevis Week 2 | Peppers, Potatoes and Food Sovereignty”

Green Nevis Week 1 | Houses, Homes and Streets

Well, its a wondering and a wandering start for these first seven policies, aims and musings for #100DaysOfGreenNevis. Wandering: I’ve been going on longer walks than usual – through the meadows and fields that join the old villages of Wakefield (my home city), treading the footpaths between the plentiful new, luxury suburbs and the now-unaffordableContinue reading “Green Nevis Week 1 | Houses, Homes and Streets”


Well, Happy New Year! It’s not like it’s January anymore, or even very happy, but what can you do? One thing that does belong to a New Year, though, is new themes – and writing is one of mine. Nevis Ensemble, the orchestra I play with, has a new campaign out: 100 Days of GreenContinue reading “#100DaysOfGreenNevis”

A piece of a podcast 15/11/20

Non-fiction writing hasn’t really been a focus of mine. Presenting truths and stories in a way that you, and others, can trust is a task that terrifies me, whilst with poetry and music I know that I’ve hidden between intentions and meanings like some scared songbird. I’ve worked at it, kind of, through education fromContinue reading “A piece of a podcast 15/11/20”

Where to begin? 23/10/2020

Welcome to BitsOfPieces! This is a place for gathering work and works that I’ve done, a portfolio for my music, poetry and the odd thought or two. Have fun exploring, and if you like what you see, please get in touch; my e-mail is at the bottom of the page, or you can send meContinue reading “Where to begin? 23/10/2020”